Comments on “Tiger Airways vs Pilots” smackdown

Gotten some interesting comments (from disaffected pilots?) after our earlier posting came out on Tiger’s customers having a 1 in 6 chance of being cancelled on, which we thought should be posted here for some confirmation, and discussion.

First, from “Peter Pan”, who writes:

Here is the real inside scoop happening in Tiger:
1. The real reason why pilots are leaving Tiger is because the CEO decided to cut salaries and not because other airlines are paying more. Why is exodus not happening in Jetstar, Air Asia, Singapore Airlines or Silkair? Because nobody would cut salaries when the company is making a good profit.
2. At least 5-6 flights are cancelled daily and it will increase to 10 flights daily by the end of September 2010 as the 3 months resignation notice comes into effect and there are up to 1-3 resignations weekly since June. Very soon, more than 50% flights will be cancelled because there are very few Captains left in Tiger.
3. The management blames the weather, technical and other operational problems but come to the Budget Terminal and you will see a few Tiger Airbus sitting on the apron doing nothing. Only 1 aircraft has technical problem and will be sent back to France for maintenance. The weather has been fine for these few months & you can verify that with Jetstar because they cover the same routes & destinations. Operational reasons? Of coz no details provided but really its because there are not enough Captains to fly. The remaining Captains have been flying to their maximum allowable limits and have no extra hours to cover the flights that are not crewed. That’s the operational reasons for you.
4. New pilots have been employed to fill in the gaps? 2 new Filipino Captains were in the middle of the initial conversion training has disappeared and the latest news was that they have appeared in another airline in Hong Kong. A few Mandala Airline Captains were contracted by Tiger but because of CAAS’ new strict requirements, they have to return to Indonesia and look for the training file. Tell me what flying school keeps training files for more than 10 years? Not many I suspect especially from Indonesia. More delays here.

Advise investors to do the Tony Davies & Co jiggle.
Dump the shares while you still can. Its because they have the full picture & they dare to dump it at a discount price reveals their confidence, or the lack of it, in the company they once speak so highly about.
Canceling flights seems to be no big deal for them but look at the inconvenience they caused to so many travelers. Fantastic management skills. Let’s see how they wave their magic & maneuver out of this pit. Or better still… run!

Followed up with what looks like confirmation from “Frustrated ex Tiger Pilot”, who says:

Peter Pan is correct in all his/her statements about the situation in Tiger airways.

Any share holder that is concerned needs to do their own research to confirm that the situation is far worse than the Tiger management wants us all to believe.

Suspect that Tony Davies already have an escape goat ready to take the fall for him.

Ex Line Pilot Tiger Airways……………

Is there anybody else who knows what’s happening at Tiger? Are Peter Pan and Frustrated justified in their comments? Looking forward to hearing from you.

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